Travel video tour of Vlad Dracula’s castles and green tourism tickets to Romania

Travel video tour of Vlad Dracula’s castles and green tourism tickets to Romania
“One video is worth a thousand brochures when researching a new destination”
Tower Travel – Fort Lee, NJ
US Travel Agents see Romania as the second new destination in Europe!
Lonely Planet Travel Press, 8 Sep.2003 15:48
10 Resorts on DVD
Dracula’s Medieval Castles
Wildlife and Adventure
Rural Civilisation
Folklore Music
DVD is 50 min. in English
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We wish to thank Dr. Elizabeth Miller – Vice-president of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula, internationally recognized as the leading authority on Dracula – for her kindness of telling you about our film. Read

Castle, hotel and resort travel video

Plan an exciting vacation “back in time”?

There you go!
Dracula Resorts travel video allows you to preview your less explored destination to the legendary Vlad Dracula’s castles and green tourism resorts across the Carpathian Mountains in Romania.
Our Vlad Dracula tour offers a single, indexed video guide of Carpathian Romania’s medieval castles, green tourism, and rural life.
Each indexed hotel on DVD helps you to compare and choose your favorite accommodation near the castles Dracula, into the mountains. In a word, our film gives you a never made before video tickets to Romania, following the most popular Romanian travel maps.

Geographically, our virtual Dracula tour goes to the mysterious tableland of Transylvania, then moving south over the Carpathians to Danube River. We traveled over 800 km, following the routes of Vlad the Impaler – the historical Dracula tour around 50,000 square km in Central Romania. Best of all, we managed to capture our journey on video format, available to be shared right away.
The resort types on video are mainly Ecotourism, Adventure, Family, Hiking, Ski, Fishing and Hunting.

Our Dracula video tour previews adventure landscapes, Europe medieval castles related with Vlad Dracula of Romania, rural civilisation, and premiere hotels to stay. It reveals viewers an exciting tour between myth and truth, past and present time.

Here a resume of what should you expect to “visit” right from your home:

Sighisoara (Schaessburg, by its medieval name) – 800 years of history, the burg where Prince Dracula was born in 1431, today is being recognized as the best-preserved fortified medieval town in Europe. We’re going to step inside the Princely Birth House to meet the room of little Dracula.
Brasov (Kronstadt) – 750 years of history, the largest medieval town in Transylvania, where Dracula often stopped over, leading terrifying raids against the German Saxons. Together we’ll go back in the 15-th century, following the chronicles of Kronstadt along its legendary streets. As punishment for complot and ignoring his trade laws, early in 1460 Vlad Dracula destroyed Saxon army near Brasov and ordered 1,200 captives to be impaled on stakes. No one was left alive.
Bran Castle – 650 years of history, moving 30 km southwest from Brasov, you can go up the dark stairs that Prince Dracula went up himself! Leaving Bran and its ecotourism resort, we’ll move into the mountains along the Mountain Pass of Bran to the adventure site of “vampire” at Castle Dracula, near Arefu village.
Castle Dracula – in 1459 Dracula ordered hundreds of arrested traitors to build a fortress for emergencies above a mountain. The surrounding area belongs to Fagaras Mountains, which frequently are over 2,400 meters height. No prisoner survived. To revenge his wife’s death during a siege in 1461, he launched a large scale raid against Turkish Empire along the Danube river. As a result of first “blitzkrieg” war in history, Dracula killed 28,000 Turks so cruelly that he established a bloody reputation around Europe. This place inspired as much imagination as FF Coppola persuaded his fans with the myth of the Count Vampire of Transylvania. Still, legends and facts remained for centuries, far beyond just a fiction movie.
Snagov Monastery – in 1458 Vlad Dracula built a church on the island of Snagov Lake bordered by oaken forest, today the place where the Prince is buried.
Affordable Hotels and Villas – near Sighisoara, Brasov ( Poiana Brasov ), Bran Castle and Castle Dracula. We’re going to take a look inside the rooms, including bathroom and your restaurant where you’ll enjoy the master cuisine of rural Romania – fresh and natural. On the terrace you can watch the pool, kids ground, and wild surroundings.
Adventure and Civilisation – throughout the Countryside of Romania, preserving lifestyle, customs, and unspoiled nature from the Middle Ages until today. No other place in Europe can show you traditionally dressed shepards who still use to pipe folklore music. Their ballads sound for centuries along the mountain valleys. After 550 years, many Dracula legends are still told in Fagaras mountains. Nowadays, it is an amazing fact that peasants keep asking for Prince help every time an injustice happens to them: “Unde esti tu Tepes Doamne?” which means “Come back my lord to protect”.

Dracula Resorts DVD showcases 10 hotels & ecotourism villas. Every property shown comes with address, phone number, fax, web site & email when available. Comments and narration on the video guide are translated into English, so you don’t have to be concerned about it.

Our film informs our customers far beyond the less personalized brochure photo. Give yourself the chance to make a much more informed, personal decision as to which resort hotel you’ll choose to spend your vacation in Dracula Land.

“Romania is the cheapest destination for ski lovers”
The Times journal, 27.Sep.2003
“The Carpathian Mountains in Romania reward hunters with the biggest trophy in Europe: the brown bear”
France Press, 05.Jan.2004

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